Welcome to Hackpen Hill Associates

Hackpen Hill is a construction delivery consultancy offering tailored solutions for clients investing in construction, property or
infrastructure projects.

We are a small but experienced team with the expertise to provide the optimum level of project management and service to our clients, even on the most complex and challenging projects.


Hackpen Hill have the right approach, deliver well, and are keen to help their clients achieve their vision.

James Wright  
Head of Commercial Delivery and Approvals
Heathrow Airport




Working across a broad spectrum of industry sectors our services are designed to reduce risk, bring control to all projects and achieve optimum value for money for our clients through independent and objective advice.

Latest News


Hackpen Hill announces chosen charity of the year

Hackpen Hill are delighted to announce that 2020 brings a new year of charitable donations to a very worthy cause. After many years and many different charities, this year, Hackpen Hill directors and employees


Stage 2 Audit for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We'd started this process from scratch in March 2018 and a lot of people were involved in creating and using the business management process. It has made us think about how we operate and manage the business


Our Clients

Hackpen Hill Clients - Heathrow
Hackpen Hill Clients - Manchester Airport - Redevelopment
Hackpen Hill Clients - Hetco - Redevelopment
Hackpen Hill Clients - Hetco - Redevelopment
Hackpen Hill Clients - Jaguar Car Producer - Redevelopment
Hackpen Hill Clients - Landrover Car Producer - Redevelopment
Hackpen Hill Clients - Samsonite
Hackpen Hill Clients - Pocket Shop
Hackpen Hill Clients - Gucci
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